The Muslims History of Badr War in the world

The Muslims History of Badr War in the world.

Medina, the Prophet Muhammad (S) emigration from Mecca had turned more hostile enemies and constantly thinking of how to overthrow him, and put an end to Islam put on. Corn and fruit trees to destroy Muslims and his colleagues to take off their flocks, on the outskirts of Medina started to bring their many raids. Life was becoming difficult for Muslims in Mecca. Kuffar increasing persecution and oppression became unbearable, and Muslims were prevented from worshiping Allah.

For over 10 years, while fighting the infidels in Mecca, Muslims outnumbered openly Kuffar were forbidden from, and there were a lot of Muslims! Fight the infidels in Mecca for Muslims, the consequences would have been disastrous. But then he infidels Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (S) and his companions forced the most holy place, to leave the resolution to kill the Prophet went to the extreme in their offense, and the danger to the Muslims in Medina sent. Allah for Muslims to take up arms against the infidels allow revealed verses.

The Battle of Badr is one of the greatest and most famous battles of Islam. For the first time the followers of the new faith were put into a serious test. It was a key battle in the early days of Islam and opponents of Islam have struggled with their oppressive, they proved to be a turning point in Quraysh in Mecca. And those who participate in it a special distinction among Muslims enjoyed. Badr word to those who participated in the Battle of Badr, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is used in the biography of companions.

Reasons for the war of Badr :

In Ramadan 2th ah. On the 17th of Ramadan of the second year, early in the morning, from behind the sandy mound into the desert of Badr under the leadership of Abu Jahl. Prophet Muhammad (S) was informed that Abu Sufyan was traveling for business with Syria, and 50 thousand gold dinars, protected by corn with 40 MEA was approaching. Mecca is to avoid. Muslims forced to leave behind all their wealth and the rights. Prophet Muhammad (S) has a chance to get back some of their wealth as seen in this caravan. Hazrat Muhammad (S) and his companions called for and marched towards the main road leading to Mecca turned towards Badr.

His intention was to capture only money and not war, but God, in his great wisdom, will be elevated to fight them. On the other hand, Abu Sufyan knew that his way was not safe. He further movement of the Prophet was informed by his men. A man asking for help, he immediately sent to Mecca. The man reached mecca cut off the nose and ears of the camel, turned its saddle upside down tore off his shirt from front and back and cried, O Quraysh – Your goods are with Abu Sufyan. The Caravan in being stopped by Muhammad (S) and his companions. I can’t say what would have happened to them to them.

Many Muslim historians believe that the Battle of Badr in solo and collective battles attacks and fighting continued until noon, afternoon came to an end when the Quraish fled and some of them were captured. Badr martyrs were buried in a corner of the battlefield. Muslims dedicate their graves still exist and for them to pay their respects. After burying the martyrs of Prophet Muhammad (S) performed afternoon prayers at that place and came out of the desert of Badr before sunset. Fourteen people were killed in the fighting between Muslims. Quraysh seventy of them were killed and seven others have been captured.

The forces of truth and falsehood in the Valley of Badr faced each other for the first time. Truth was not more than 313 the number of troops while lying in the army was three times as big as that. Muslims were not properly equipped. Modes of transport, including about seventy camels and horses, to knock down the enemies of Islam, 700 camels and 100 horses, 1000, consisting of strong men came with full force. Despite all this, however, the truth was victorious and the enemy sustained heavy losses after being returned to Mecca.

Abu Lahab who did not participate in the battle of Badr and was sent to a place of Zamzam well was sitting. Suddenly people brought news that Abu Sufyan had arrived. Abu Lahab said, I see as quickly as possible “to tell him. Abu Sufyan, Abu Lahab came along and sat Badr. Movement and gave a detailed account of the events in fear like lightening Abu Lahab struck the heart. burning fever for seven days after he died of a mysterious illness.

The Mecca army desired to return back but Abu Jahl insisted to march up till Badr and said , no by Allah. We will not go back untl we proceed to the well of Badr, slaughter camels, drink liquor and female singers sing for us. This way the Arabs will always talk about our stance and what we did on that day.

Now the infidel Muslims to insult and prevent them in the future to prevent their caravan wanted. They marched towards Badr and camped on the banks of the valley. Caravan escape and news of an approaching army of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (S) reached. It’s a little unfair to the Muslim army major disturbing news of the infidels was no match for the well-equipped army.

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