The Prophet Hazrat Sulaiman (AS)

The Prophet Sulaiman (upon him be peace) was the youngest son of the Prophet Dawood (AS). He was born in 1154 b c. He was born at Jerusalem. The name of his mother was Saba. As he was a talented fellow with versatile gifts, his father made him his heir. After the death of Prophet Dawood (peace be upon him) he ascended the throne of Judia on account of his sagacity, power of judgement, right understanding and spiritual insight. The Holy Qur’an says: “And We verily gave knowledge to Prophet Dawood and Sulaiman and they said: praise be to Allah Who has preferred us above many of his believing sons”. (27: I5)

The Prophet Suleiman (AS) was a King after his father Prophet Dawood (AS) had passed away. Prophet Suleiman (AS) had asked Allah through dua to give him properties that no one else could have after him. Allah thereby gave him the ability to speak to animals. Prophet Suleiman (AS) also had the ability to control Jinn. Jinns are creatures Allah made from fire. We can not see them, but they can see us. They are similar to us in some ways.

One day Prophet Suleiman (AS) passed by some hoodhood birds and started taking attendance. He found all but one was absent. He states that he’ll slaughter or punish the bird if the bird does not have good reason for his absence. Just then, the bird suddenly came and started speaking. The bird tells Prophet Suleiman (AS) that he has news that Prophet Suleiman (AS) does not know of. Prophet Suleiman (AS) inquires, what could it be? The bird tells that there is a powerful Queen to the South with a huge throne. She and her people worship the sun and not Allah.

Prophet Suleiman (AS) says, “I will test you, bird.” And with that he sent a note with the bird to deliver it to the Queen. Sure enough, the bird arrives in the court of Queen Bilquis. She rules part of what is now Yemen. The note basically tells the Queen and her people to believe in Allah. She then calls a council of her top advisors. Queen Bilquis reads the note to the council and the council states that they have a strong army and that the army of Queen Bilquis can defeat Prophet Suleiman’s(AS) army. QueenBilquis, the wise Queen that she is says, “They have a stronger army and if they were to win, our status within the community would flip-flop.”

Queen Bilquis, therefore, sends ambassadors to Prophet Suleiman (AS) with many treasures as a gift. When the ambassadors arrive in Prophet Suleiman’s (AS) court, they lay out all the treasures. Among the treasures, was a diamond. Diamonds are very tough to break. Queen Bilquis wanted proof of Prophet Suleiman’s (AS) authenticity, she therefore instructed Prophet Suleiman to make a hole that was zigzagged through the diamond. People could have made straight holes easily, but a hole that curved was impossible. Prophet Suleiman (AS) declined all the treasures and to show that he was a prophet, he told a termite to bite its way through to make a zigzag. The ambassadors returned with all the treasures and told Queen Bilquis of the preceding events. She hears this and decides to travel there herself and accept Allah.

As Queen Bilquis’s caravan was passing underneath, the same hood hood bird saw this and quickly informed the Prophet that the Queen was coming. Prophet Suleiman (AS) then decides to get Queen Bilquis’s huge and heavy throne, made with gold, diamond, and silver, in his court before she arrives. He calls out to his court, “Will anyone here bring me her throne?” A huge Jinn, Ifreet, answers “I can do it before the end of this meeting.” Another man, a cousin of the Prophet says, “I can do it in the blink of an eye.” This cousin of the Prophet was very close to Allah so if he would ask for something Allah would give it to him quickly. Before, the Prophet could respond, it appeared right in front of him. Prophet Suleiman (AS) had the people decorate. The throne to fool Queen Bilquis into thinking it was a normal chair. They had placed the throne in between the doorway and Prophet Suleiman’s (AS) throne so the Queen had to pass through there.

Queen Bilquis’s throne was on a surface that looked like wavy water but was actually solid and clear crystal. Queen Bilquis finally arrives in his court and she sees the water and pulls up her skirt as if to keep it from getting wet, but when she touched it, it was solid.

Prophet Suleiman (AS) did this to show that just because it’s there, doesn’t mean it’s the real thing. Just like how Queen Bilquis was worshipping the sun. Prophet Suleiman (AS) then shows the chair to the Queen and asks whether it looked familiar, and she says, “Yes, mine was just like this!” She comes to know that it was her actual throne. Queen Bilquis said, “I believe in Allah, the God of Suleiman.” In the end, Prophet Suleiman (AS) and Queen Bilquis gets married and lives happily ever after.

The Prophet Sulaiman (peace be upon him) was endowed with the quality of giving sound decision in complicated cases. Once a dispute arose between two persons. They were present before the Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him). One of them said: Sir, the sheep of that person have trampled over my crops. They have grazed and caused me a considerable loss. It must be compensated by the owner. The shepherd was very poor. He had nothing except sheep and the damage done to the crops exceeded the price of the sheep.

The Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) ordered the defaulter to give his sheep to the owner of the land as reparation. Sulaiman, the teen-aged child was listening to the judgement of his father. He, respectfully, spoke out: Dear father, undoubtedly, your decision is correct but it will be handed over to more appropriate if all the sheep are the plaintiff for the utilisation of their milk and wool only. The respondent should be directed to render services to the owner of the field until the condition of the damaged fields restores to the normal position. When it is done, sheep must be given back to the shepherd. The Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) appreciated this novel way of awarding justice and the Holy Qur’an speaks very highly of him.

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