The driver will be passed minimum class VIII

The driver will be passed minimum class VIII

The government is introducing a new law with provisions of minimum educational qualification to obtain a driving licence and penalty for using mobile phones while driving.

Monday’s regular Cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, gave its initial clearance for the draft of the ‘Road Transport Act 2017.’

Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam said that the existing ordinance is being turned into a law on the High Court’s order.

“Major changes have been brought in the regulations as well as in penalties for offenders,” he said while briefing the media after the meeting.

>>> To obtain a driving licence, an individual has to clear at least eighth grade. The existing law does not provide for any such educational qualifications.

>>> The law proposes making licences for drivers’ assistants mandatory. Those seeking licences, has to clear fifth grade. The existing ordinance has provisions for assistants’ licences, but any educational qualification is not required.

>>> The minimum age for a driver’s license remains at 18 years while for professional drivers it’s 21 years.

>>> The new law proposes doubling the jail term and fine for driving without a licence. It has been raised to a maximum 6-month jail term and Tk 50,000 fine.

>>> The new law has provisions of a month’s prison term or Tk 25,000 fine or both for drivers’ assistants who does not have a licence.

>>> Using mobile phones while driving will lead to a month in jail or Tk 5,000 fine.

>>> It proposes police to allow arrests without warrants in offences which can cause a six-month jail term orTk 50,000 fine.

Cabinet Secretary Alam said the law proposes introducing a point-based system for drivers.

“There will be a total of 12 points, which will be deducted for offences. A zero-point will lead to cancellation of driving licence,” he said.

Source : bdnews24

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