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How to go Nilgiri in Bandarban?

If you want to see the clouds touching the cloud, then you have to go to the Nilgiri in Bandarban. When you go to the Nilgiri, the cloud will come and catch you in your hand. Head over the blue sky with white clouds playing rafts on the hills of Nilgiri. This Nilgiri is an exquisite blue sapphire. Due to Nilgiris, Bandarbaan is called as Darjeeling in Bangladesh. For those who love the adventure, the night’s Nilgiri may be a perfect place. On the way to the Nilgiri, you can see the beautiful rock Falls of Bandarban. Indigenous bomb victims will welcome you here. You can buy from here a variety of products made by indigenous hands.

Nilgiri’s position is just 45 kilometers from the district headquarters. The Nilgiri is an exclusive gift of nature. From the peak of the Nilgiri, the second-highest mountain in the country, Keokdong, natural wonders, the Sea of Cox’s Bazar, the Chittagong Seaport, light-lit lamps, and eye-catching mountain rows are also seen. There are several major tribal villages near Nilgiri. Near Nilgiri, Kaku para, you can easily visit the Mayo tribal. Nilgiri is a camp of the Bangladesh Army. Consequently, there is no shortage of security here. The army members will enhance their hand of cooperation in any need.

The Nilgiri Tourist Center in the remote Hills has been built with Sky Sapphire, Meghdoot, Nilaana, three cottages with all facilities for tourists. The packages are available to rent for the night. Here is a modernized restaurant. After crossing the hilly path, he reached Nilgiri and was eaten in the restaurant.

When will Nilgiri go?

The winter and the rainy season are very much a pleasure to visit here in two seasons. However, it is more fun to travel during the rainy season. Because it is time to see the exquisite dance of the clouds.

How to go to Nilgiri?

First, you have to go to Bandarban town. A number of transport companies are leaving for Bandarban every day from different places of Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban by riding on one of the buses, such as Shyamali, Hanif, S Alam, and Dolphin. At 10 a.m. or 11:11 pm, the bus from Kalabagan, Saidabad, or rented home is left to Bandarban. On the non AC bus, people pay 550 per fare. AC 950 Tk.
You can go from Chittagong to Bandarban. This is the most important and the most important of all. The buses are rented at 220 per bus.
The tourists were taken to the Nilgiri tourist center, where they had to take a bus Jeep or buses from the Bandarban District headquarters Ruma jip station. From Bandarban Jeep Station to Jeep, Land Rover, Land Cruiser and other light car rentals. The name and address of the tourists will be recorded at the army checkpoint on the way to the Nilgiri. A car is not allowed to pass through Bandarban district headquarters to Nilgiris, usually at 5 pm.

For Chander Gare(local call ) 5 sites -Land Cruiser care) Phone:-01550601635, 01925870027. Through this driver (Nilgiri + Chimbuk + Rock Fall + Golden Temple) the four sites can be seen at TK. 2800 only. Local drivers can also take cooperation with them if they wish. (5 seats) 2300 and large Jeep (8 seats) 2800 taka. The ticket price is 50 for the tourists, with an additional fee of 300 Tk per car.

Where to stay?

There are six cottages in the military-controlled Nilgiri resort.
The names are Akaiila, Meghdoot, Nilnana, Hettasa Richa and Marmaraicha. The tourists will have to pay BDT 4, 000 to TK. 10. There must be a reference to an officer-level official of the army in Bukhari. There are no booking rules for the Nilgiri resort.

Nilgiri Cottage Booking system for ordinary tourists 
69/2, Level-4, Road-7/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Contact: 01769299999
Contact for food and other benefits: Camp Commander (01190811322).

Hotel in Bandarban.

Most of the tourists returned to the day to visit the Nilgiri Tourist Centre from Bandarban district headquarters. There are numerous resorts, hotels, motel, and restaurants in Bandarban. Where you can spend 600 to 3 thousand rupees a night.

Holiday Inn Resort:  Holiday Inn Resort on the small cliffs commercialization opposite the Meghla tourist complex. There are many small cottages. Phone-036162896.

Hillside Resort:  Situated on the 5th kilometer of Bandarban-Chimbuk road. There is a good night in the advanced environment. Mobile-1556539022.

Hotel Four-star:  Hotel Forster located in Bandarban City. There are two types of room in AC and non AC. Every room in the hotel is televised. Phone-036162466.

Hotel Three-star:  It is located next to Bandarban bus stops. Nilgiri’s car was released from the front of the hotel. It can have 8 or 10 people. 2500 per Non AC flat, AC-3000 taka. Booking Phone: Three stars and four-star hotel owners, Manik Chowdhury-01553421089/01813278731.

Hotel River View: The Hotel River view is in the natural environment of the Sanu River in the district of the city. There’s also a restaurant. Phone-036162707.

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