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Islamic History of Hazrat Nooh (AS)

Islamic History of Prophet Nooh (AS)-

The time period when the Prophet lived Hazrat Nooh (AS) is unknown, but after Adam or age is estimated to be ten generations. It is reported that Noah lived 950 years old (Quran 29:14). It is believed that Noah and his people lived in the northern part of ancient Mesopotamia. It is a dry, arid region, the sea was several hundred kilometers. The Quran mentions the ship ‘Mount Judi’ (Quran 11:44), which many Muslims believe is today landed in Turkey.

Hazrat Nooh, Lamik’s son, the son of Methuselah, Akhnoukh or Chanukah of Yarud Mahaleel son’s son’s son Canaan, son of Hazrat Anush Shis (AS), the son of Hazrat Adam (AS), the son of the son. It is believed, however, historians and the Torah, we have reservations. In fact it’s more phases of Hazrat Adam (Alaihis salam) and Noah (alaihis salam) to see that the above can be said with certainty. Torah Adam (Alaihis salam) and the time period between the creation of Hazrat Nooh (AS) and Hazrat Adam was born 1,056 years (Alaihi salam) time period between the death and birth of Noah (AS has been mentioned as ) is 1,026 years old. Sheikh Rahmatullah beam magnum opus “Izhar ul Haq” is an excellent discussion in this regard.

Subhana Ta’ala states in the Holy Quran the Almighty Allah, peace among all nations on Nooh. We reward the doers of such good. In fact, he was among the servants of our true faith. There is a whole chapter in the Holy Quran that ‘Nooh’ is named. He is mentioned 43 times in the Koran and his story appears in many places in the Holy Quran. Hazrat Nooh (AS) Hazrat Prophet Idrees (AS) was the great grandson. Between the two, there were 10 generations as the authentic hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari and others have noted. Hazrat Nooh (alaihi salam) to his people as a prophet was sent. He therefore first the object of the Prophet., Referred to the unity of Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala and to invite people to Islam was. It is said that Hazrat Nooh (AS) was fifty years old when he became a prophet. He said he had lived in Iraq, where he spent most of his time.

Hazrat Ibn Abbas (RA) narrates the Prophet Muhammad (S) said peace and period of Allah Hazrat Adam (AS) and Hazrat Nooh (AS) was a period of between ten centuries. (Sahih Bukhari, Noah was born 1,056 years of Adam’s creation (or after the Garden of Eden) to the left. Thus, the hadith of the book for the last statement does not contradict the first. The may appear to the reader should keep in mind, however, that no statements or narratives taken from the people of the book are not necessarily reliable.

A well-known and authoritative Muslim historians and Alim, Imam Ibn Kathir, began a detailed account of how   the world is idolatry. The Summarize given below –

Basically, these are good people who lived in them were named. After his death, one of them statues were erected to keep their memories alive. After some time, however, people began to worship these idols. Later generations did not even know why they had been erected. They only knew their parents had prayed for them. That idolatry is developed. Since they have no sense of the Almighty God who would punish them for their evil deeds, they became cruel and immoral. When these followers died, his sons grew up and continued in view these pictures. However, Shaytan came again in human form and images, which he did on their agreement to change the images in the offering. Later, the younger generation, which was why these pictures and images managed to convince that their ancestors actually worshiped them.

For generations the people of Prophet Nooh said praise God that they were statues. They believe that these gods would bring them good. To protect them from evil and provide all their needs. They felt the power, they will Wadd, Suwa, Yaghuth, Ya’auga, and the names of their idols as Nasran (brute strength, faster, sharper vision, insight, statues represented, respectively, masculine power , mutability, beauty) was given to these gods.

The new generation has begun to worship these images, and thus the evil of idolatry began on earth. The correct name of the saints, as mentioned above, the idols. Shaytan things such as these statues, asking them to pray for rain to make them with new ideas and suggestions kept on appearing. They showed books, Taurat, Zabur and received the Scripture according to the history of the people of the Book, (Jews and Christians, by Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala called refers to. These names Torah, Psalms, and Gospels translate are respectively, but books that are somewhat corrupt. revealed books, only the Qur’an has remained exactly as it was revealed.

Although retaliation is effective in all areas of the divine law of the universe, the reward or punishment in the world, respectively, for every virtue and sin does not have to be meted out. The world works for a sowing area has been designated for the subsequent retribution. However, harassment and punishment in this world somewhat out of pride is understandable. Imam Abu Hanifa says that a tyrannical and arrogant person, certainly before the death sentence was received. The country, which is the true messenger of Allah and opposed the destruction of the oppressors is a clear proof of this.

Hazrat nooh as ki kashti and boat. The flood destroyed the people of Hazrat Nooh (AS) brought by those who disbelieve in Allah and the message is described in the Qur’an as a punishment. Whether there was a global event or a different one has been some debate. According to Islamic teachings, the flood is a lesson to evil, distrust for a group of people was intended as punishment, and it is not assumed to be a global phenomenon. A global flood several ancient Muslim scholars, according to modern scientific theory is impossible to describe the archaeological and fossil record is interpreted as the Quranic verses. Other scholars state that the geographical impact of flooding is unknown, and could have been local. Allah knows best.

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